Coaching Resources

Useful Drills & Resources For Baseball/Softball Coaches

Our department values the time and effort that our volunteer coaches dedicate to the young athletes of our community. In order to support your efforts, we thought it could be useful to provide some basic, and also advanced drills to use while conducting practices and training your players. Below are some links to different training videos, as well as reading materials that are wonderful resources for coaches.

*There are many different techniques and methods for teaching youth baseball. These are good resources, but we encourage our coaches to learn as much as they can through research and from personal experiences with the players.*

Throwing & Catching Basics

Throwing Basics- Video

Catching Basics - Video

Infield Drills & Footwork

Fun Basic Infielding Drills- Video

Fielding Ground Balls- Video

Fielding Ground Balls (more advanced)- Video

Coaches Clinic (Advanced)- 30min. Video

Outfield Drills

Baseball Outfield Drills (beginner to advanced)- Video

Outfield Drills (finding the ball)- Video

Tips to Play Outfield Like a Pro- Video

Hitting Drills

Basic Hitting Mechanics- Video

*Due to the fact that there are soooo many philosophies on hitting, we encourage you as a coach to do some further research on the best hitting techniques for your players.

Pitching Drills

Balance Drills- Video

Towel Drill- Video

The Baseball Coaching Bible by Jerry Kindall & John Winkin
The Science of Hitting by Ted Williams & John Underwood
The Baseball Drill Book (The Drill Book Series) by American Baseball Coaches Association