League Info and Standings

Adult Coed Kickball

Ages: 18 & Older              Price: $400 / team, $10 Umpire Fee per team / week

Dates: Games begin in the end of June and go through the middle of August

Times: Games are typically scheduled for 6:30, 7:30, 8:30pm

Location: Festival Park - 35630 St. Clair Drive
                 Pollard Park - Click Here for Directions

Miss the days of recess and playing as a kid?! Want to enjoy some friendly competition and have a great time recreating outdoors? Grab some friends and join our adult kickball league. Each member of the team will have to register by signing a waiver of liability (Online registration is not available). There has to be an equal amount of females and males on the field at all times. (16 players per roster maximum).

This league is a partnership between the New Baltimore Parks and Recreation and Chesterfield Township Parks & Recreation. Games are played at Festival Park in New Baltimore, and Pollard Park in Chesterfield.

*$30 forfeit fee will be refunded if your team DOES NOT forfeit any of its games during the season*

**Team has to have at least 5 females on the roster**

Current League Standings
Wins  Losses     Ties     Overall Ranking
 Balls Deep
4 2  First* beat Dw/aKProb
 Drinkers w/a Kicking Problem 4 2
 Brews on First
3  Third
1  Fourth
 We Got the Runs
1  Fifth

Thursday, July 7

Brews on First(10) v. Balls Deep(5)
Balls Deep(11) v. We Got the Runs(8) 
Tailgaters(1) v. Drinkers W/ a Kicking Problem(4)

Thursday, July 14
We Got the Runs(5) v. Drinkers W/ a Kicking Problem(7)
Brews on First(1) v. Balls Deep(6)
Brews on First(7) v. Tailgaters(5)

Thursday, July 21

Balls Deep(6) v. Tailgaters(7)
We Got the Runs(10) v. Brews on First(2)
Drinkers W/ a Kicking Problem(4) v. Brews on First(7)

Thursday, July 28
Tailgaters(5) v. Kickers W/ a Drinking Problem(6)
We Got the Runs(5) v. Tailgaters(11)
Balls Deep(6) v. We Got the Runs(0)

Thursday, August 4
Tailgaters(4) v. We Got the Runs(4)
Drinkers W/ a Kicking Problem(1) v. Balls Deep(3)
Drinkers W/ a Kicking Problem(7) v. Brews on First(2)

August 11th

FP #4  game(a) Tailgaters (4) vs. We Got the Runs (5) (play-in game to 3rd place)             6:15p

FP #3  game(b) Drinkers w/a K Prob (2) vs. Brews on First (3) (play-in game to Champ.)    6:15p

FP #3  (3rd place game) Winner of game (a) vs. Loser of game (b)                                     7:15p

FP #4  (Championship) Winner of game (b) vs. Balls Deep (1)                                            7:15p

Rules & Schedule
Adult Kickball Rules
Revised June 2016